Birthday Party Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do the Party Packages include?

Each package includes tickets to the theater, reserved seating, drinks and popcorn for the children, recognition from the stage for the birthday child, photo session with puppets, backstage tour after the show, and parking pass.


2. How many children and adults can the theater accommodate?

Our typical party size is about 20 but we have hosted parties over 100.  Our private party room(s) can accommodate from 15 to 40 with table seating up to 30 children.  We typically seat the children 'only' but can provide secondary seating arrangements for adults.  We also have the ability to move the party to an on site private room or to an exterior park setting. 


3. Can outside food or drinks be brought into Geppetto's?

Only birthday cake or cupcakes are allowed to be brought into Geppetto's.  We can provide pizza, fruit and vegetable trays, cheese trays and a whole host of other items for your guests.  We also have a full concession bar that serves popcorn, nachos, candy, and many assorted drinks.  We offer Coca-Cola products, root beer, lemonade, bottled water, fruit juices in bottles, Hi-C brand juice boxes, Snapple products, orange and apple juice, milk, and coffee and hot cocoa.  Our facility is no different than a typical restaurant operation in which outside food and drink is prohibited. 


4. What is required to reserve a party date?

It's very simple. We reserve party dates with an online form submission.  You may also reserve a date on a 72 hour hold with a refundable $50 deposit. 


5. Is the party before or after the show?

We always schedule parties after the show.  Our shows run approximately 40 minutes with an additional pre-show demonstration and post show behind the scenes tour.  The total theater experience is about 1 hour.  Typically a party after the show will last 40 - 45 minutes with a group photo session lasting 5 - 10 minutes.  We average about 2 hours total time for your group to be at the theater.


6. Is food allowed into the theater during the show?

Yes.  We allow all items from our concession stand to be brought into the theater during the show.  This includes drinks, popcorn, candy, and nachos.  We do not allow 'party food' such as cake and pizza into the theater.  Those items are reserved for the party after the show.


7. What age group do you recommend for parties?

We recommend ages 3 - 12 years of age as our target audience range (for children parties).  The live theater experience may be too intense or restrictive for those younger than 3 and most teens prefer a party geared to the young adult. Our party packages are designed to accommodate the post-toddler years to pre-teen years.  We are gender neutral and can accommodate either type for party decor.


8. What is the differences between the party packages?

The major difference between the three packages is the Red Package is a theater experience only.  This party package was designed for those hosting their party off site and choosing Geppetto's as the activity only.  The Silver Package includes a private party room for hosting the party after the show.  We also provide party assistance and other special services with this package.  The Gold Package is all inclusive where we provide the decorations and themed decor, balloons, plates, cutlery, table coverings and a marionette for the birthday child.  The Platinum package is a VIP theater rental experience.


9. How many guests are included in the party packages?

Each party package includes up to (10) guests - 10 children and 2 adult tickets.  Each additional guest is $12.00.  We only charge for those attending the show.  All persons entering the theater must have a ticket.  


10. How do you recommend handling RSVPs for the party?

We recommend using or as these services allow you to track RSVP's easily.  If you elect to send traditional mailed or hand-delivered invitations, we recommend you establish an RSVP date at least nine days BEFORE the party.  We request a FINAL PARTY COUNT on FRIDAY, one week before the party date. 


11. What other type of entertainment can be provided at the party?

We can provide additional entertainment through our vendor partners.  We offer Princess and other character appearances, face painters, puppet workshops,  balloon twisters, and more.  Just ask.  


12. Can Geppetto's provide the birthday cake?

Yes, we offer several options for providing cakes.  We just need to know how many total guest and your cake preferences and budget.  Do you want a special decorated cake or an elaborate themed cake?  No problem, we can help.  Our party planners can make suggestions, coordinate your requests with our bakery vendors and have your cake delivered for the day of the event.  We even provide the candles.


13. What about theme parties?

We are pleased to announce that we are now partnered with several additional party vendors to provide optional themed decor for your party.  Want a Frozen Package?  How bout Pirates?  Cinderella's castle?  We now have the capability to provide numerous professional themed decor packages ranging from Star Wars to Dinosaurs.  Ask a party planner about this PRO DECOR option.


14. Can we rent the theater to make the party private?

Yes.  We offer theater rental packages with our Platinum Package that allows you to invite a large number of guests. Is your guest list growing?  Ask a party planner about converting to a rental package.

15. What time should my guests arrive?

We recommend guests arrive at least 20 minutes before the show is scheduled to begin. As a standard rule, having your guests arrive on the half hour before the show is a prudent measure.  We close the theater auditorium 5 minutes after we start the show.

16.  What other charges should I expect as part of the packages?

Our pricing system charges for tickets reserved, catering, all food and drink, as well as a 10% party staff gratuity and sales tax for the Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages.

17.  What should I bring on the day of the party?

We recommend the following items: guest list with phone numbers, the presents, and decorations you plan to install or have us install, candles and matches, camera, hand wipes for toddlers, goody bags unless we provide, cash and credit cards, cake and cake cutter.

18. What items can not be brought into the theater?

Fire safety regulations prevent strollers or infant carriers in the actual theater.  For safety reasons we ask the additional items not to be brought into the theater: horns, air horns, whistles, powder caps or guns, firework sparklers, cake sparklers, hula hoops, hard plastic swords, roller skates or roller shoes, skateboards or hover boards, large wheeled toys, whacking pinatas.  Fire arms or any type are not permitted inside our facility or within the grounds of Hilton Hotel unless the carrier is a local, state, or federal officer.

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