Birthday Party Confirmation

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Congratulations!  Your Party Reservation Has Been Successfully Submitted.  

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Once we receive the deposit, we will reserve your date and preferred showtime. We will attempt to contact you within 48 hours after the deposit.  Your party coordinator is Rebecca Falahola.  She may also be reached at or through our answering service at 469-442-1925.  

Geppetto's Theater Party Reservations, Pricing and Guidelines

Geppetto's Theater Tours:  Please contact us if you wish to tour our facility prior to your party to view the party room.  We conduct theater tours on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning and afternoon.


Access to Decorate:  If you have chosen a party room package, we will clean and then give access to decorate or add to our party decor 45 minutes before the scheduled showtime.  To preserve the 'magic of the theater experience', we only allow adults into the party room before the show.  If you require more time to decorate, please select the 'early access' option in party options.  This option is available for Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon shows.


Payment: We may collect for birthday packages options at time of confirmed reservation.  In most cases, we allow you to send your invites and collect your RSVP'S up to the week before the party.  We will contact you 7 - 10 days before the party to get your final party count.  Your final bill will be based on the number you confirm at that time.   A 8.25% Texas sales tax is assessed on all items.


Gratuity: We add a 10% gratuity to your final bill if you have chosen a Silver, Gold, or Platinum package.  You are welcome to increase this amount for exceptional service.  


Party RSVP and Guest Arrival:    

1. We will contact you on MONDAY or FRIDAY, ONE WEEK BEFORE YOUR PARTY. We will then collect your final party RSVP count, and review any additional party options.  This is your RSVP final count.  After this date, we may not be able to hold any additional tickets nor add certain party options.  In peak season or during high demand shows, we may require additional notice prior to this date if we sell out tickets.


2. All reserved tickets will be added to the final party bill.  Guests who cancel,  'no show', arrive late or enter the theater after the show begins are not deducted from the party bill.  It is imperative you communicate the arrival time to your guests and family and explain our late arrival policy.  Late arrivals may be denied entrance to the show and would be held in the theater lobby until they can join your group after the show.


Deposits:  Party deposits are refundable for up to 72 hours from the time you make the reservation and will be credited to your party check.


Ticketing and Seating: We will assign seats that are available at time of reservation.  We will attempt to seat the birthday party together and towards the middle of the auditorium.   Please note that birthday parties are rarely seated in the first four rows as these are publicly sold tickets through Ticketmaster affiliates.  If you have rented the theater, we will place the birthday child and their chosen friends in the first four rows.  All party guests are required to check-in at the theater lobby and receive a Geppetto's issued ticket or wristband. This is used as entry to the auditorium.  We cannot accept any discounted tickets or coupons (including Groupon tickets) to be used in conjunction with party reservations as party tickets are already discounted.

Party Packages and Options:  We provide basic color decorations for our GOLD party package.  These include primary colors, plates, napkins, table coverings and helium balloons.  If you desire a themed decor, of specialty decor, we will order or secure the items and arrange to decorate the room with custom paper plates, table settings, wall hangings, table art and other party themed items.  The minimum charge for any upgrade above basic color decor is $100.   For decor packages which exceed the $100, we will send an itemized quote for advance approval.

Show/Party Length:  Our shows start with a brief pre-show demonstration followed by our performance which typically last 40 minutes.  Birthday party guests will be escorted immediately from the theater to their party room (if party room is part of the package).  Due to daily show schedule, the time in the party rooms is limited to 50 minutes.


Clean-Up:  We will provide all the clean-up and removal of trash for your party.

Photos and Videos: On your party day, we will attempt to take videos or photos of the preshow demonstration with your child or both. We will forward copies of such within 10 days of your event.  We may also post samples of such to our FACEBOOK account and notify you.  If you do not want those photos or video posted, please notify or instruct us otherwise.


Parking:  We provide the party host with one FREE parking voucher for the day of your event. We will also provide discount parking passes for your guests that reduce the standard $15.00 fee (three-hour period) to $5.00.  These can be obtained at party check-in. In your invitation, please instruct your guests to attempt to use PARKING LOT #3 as it is the closest to the theater entrance.  We do not validate valet parking.


Drop Offs / Pick Ups:  Your guests can be dropped off and picked up at the main entrance to the Hilton Tower (The Chantilly Entrance). Please look for our directional signs once your inside the Hilton Tower lobby. 


Strollers:  Strollers and child carriers are not permitted inside Geppetto's theater due to Dallas Fire Code Restrictions. Please convey this to your invited guests.


Entrance to Facility:  Geppetto's is located in the tower of the Hilton Anatole Hotel.  The main entrance to our theater is in the Tower Lobby adjacent the ETC gift shop.  Access to Geppetto's requires that patrons walk down a flight of stairs. Those patrons who are handicap or who have mobility challenges can notify any staff so we can discuss providing alternative access to our theater.


Special Requests: This is your child's special day and we try to honor all special requests when possible.  Just ask.

Final Note:  If you have not done so, we suggest you read the Birthday Party FAQ to get a better understanding of how we manage our theater, the shows and birthday parties.

Meet Your Party Coordinator

Rebecca Falahola - Senior Party Coordinator has been with Geppetto's Theater for 4 years. Previously she worked in the catering and floral industry with a focus on wedding planning.  Rebecca is a busy mother of 4 and uses shared work duties with other party coordinators to balance work and family.

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