In spite of his oversized nose, knobby knees and sprawling crown of antlers, the moose still manages to look majestic as he lumbers across subarctic terrain. This Moose puppet, with his soft plush fur and serious expression, promises to be the perfect answer to a little northern exposure. Hand enters from underneath.

Length: 20" Long

Width: 6" Wide

Height: 13" Tall

Weight: 18.72 oz.

Special Features: Movable mouth

Notes: Does not stand up alone as shown.


  • Moose live in all the forested areas of Canada, and in Maine and the Northern Rockies. 'Moose' means 'twig- eater' in Algonquian.
  • A bull moose can be seven and a half feet tall at the shoulders. 

Moose Hand Puppet - Folkmanis


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